Phil’s Thoughts  (PT) is a personal statement so it has features of a memoir. Why do I want to share this? More importantly, why would some want to read it? I am vain enough to assume my friends would actually want to read it. Hopefully, they are thoughtful enough not to be too critical, or if they hate it, to keep that to themselves. I’m reminded of Woody Allen’s quote: “I actually admire the paranoid, they think people pay attention to them.” Let me be paranoid about reactions to my blog for now.

Much of this site is about my contracting leukemia and how my wife (JV) and I dealt with it. Yes, a lot of “Oh woe is me” is contained herein, but I do throw humor around, that is my bent. You’ll also discover how my negative personality tainted my reaction to this dread disease, how on the surface my site and the posts within is a manual in what not to do when confronted with chronic disease. PT is warning about the dangers of becoming so overwhelmed by reactions to a disease that you fail to get on with your life. Certainly true in my case.

Strangely enough I’ve been able to step through the fog of condition and treatment and its aftermath into a clearing day. But this is a spoiler alert. Phil’s Thoughts provides a hypothesis of how and why this happened. However, I’m not giving it up so readily, you’ll have to read the rest to find out. Sorry.

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Blog posts can be read in any order.

ABOUT speaks for itself. Well, It is about me. Probably overly long. But you asked for it.

My Experience with a Chronic Disease is about my writing, my finding out I had leukemia, JV’s and my reaction to that realization, and what happened next.

Leukemia and I: A Personal Journey Another slant on CLL.

Morbid Humor – lighter side of a morbid subject.

My Tennis: provides details about my life on tennis court, a game that has always been important to me and CLL’s tennis implications.

Fuzzy Math, Unknown, False Hope Because of what CLL is, some of those with it can be desperate for solutions in face of dire consequences. This sections delves into how little we know about some cancers and CLL, and how this field is awash with purported cures and remedies, many of these yielding false hope.

As is often the case in complex products, this blog was created by cooperative efforts of several people. Susan Walsh from TOTL Marketing Baraboo, Wisconsin registered my domain, provides hosting, developed the initial design in WordPress, and instructed me on how to put together blog posts. She’s the “techie” for this blog.

Joyce Vernon (JV) a former English and writing teacher, serves as principal blog editor. She reads and edits all written material. Nothing is posted without her review and approval (At least I give her that impression.)  Susan Walsh also helped JV with editing.

Yours truly wrote material, and I, of course, take full responsibility for all writing errors and omission mistakes. In my defense, if I get clobbered I’ll duck and point to JV and Susan, but I must admit they haven’t agreed to be fall gals.