• Conclusion

    PD Conclusion

    This is Last Post for Now I’m a writer. I write at least 2 – 3 hours a day, and when I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing. Since retirement, most of my writing centers around my life, my family. I keep a personal journal. This blog is about pathways of 2 progressive diseases…leukemia and […]

  • Mags Chorley and Bob

    Mags Chorley’s PD Story

    Mags…the Narkie Parkie…waxes poetic. A Chance to Bat By Mags Chorley I need to enjoy my today Leave behind my yesterday The past is gone I must move on So please forgive me if I did harm I hope that you will find some calm In each generation we learn That for which we yearn […]

  • Parkinson's Log Entry #2

    JV’s Parkinson’s Log #2

    Parkinson’s Log Entry #2 If PD is nothing else, it’s progressive… always changing, evolving…generally toward the negative, but as if to surprise us, sometimes toward the positive. Thus, JV is forced to adapt to changes in her condition. Much of her adaptation is subconscious. As 3rd person in scene I can detect her changes. Sometimes […]

  • Hiking for Exercise

    Exercise & Parkinson’s

    Parkinson’s Disease and Importance of Exercise Research pours in on the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. And exercise may not be answer enough — even marathon runners who sit at a desk all day may be hurting their health. People with Parkinson’s are no exception. A recent paper from The University of Michigan […]

  • Parkinson's Disease Spotlight

    Parkinson’s Disease in the Spotlight

    In The Spotlight Parkinson’s population is diverse and includes those from all walks of life; this increasingly visible group must be understood, accepted and supported. Helen Mirren “PD is a slow but inevitable process. It’s hard living with PD on a daily basis. The difficulty facing people with it is that they never quite know […]

  • Take Control of Your health

    Taking Control Of Your Health

    Start Taking Control of Your Health Many people with Parkinson’s see a neurologist just a few times a year. While those visits may be supplemented with other provider appointments, PDers have lots of time to take control of their health. “We are convinced that the one with the biggest interest in ones health, as well […]

  • Reality of Parkinson's Disease

    Realizations About Parkinson’s Disease

    The Reality of Parkinson’s This post is taken almost entirely on writings of Kathleen Doheny, a journalist specializing on medical topics. Every year in the United States, about 60,000 people learn they have Parkinson’s disease, according to the American Parkinson Disease Association. This degenerative disorder strikes the central nervous system, impairing movement and balance, among […]

  • Parkinson's Challenges

    Parkinson’s Challenges

    PD Challenges PD presents tough challenges partly because this condition is accompanied by several Catch 22’s. Levadopa Medicine (Levadopa) you take to control tremors, freezing, and falling risk, may result in exaggerated swimming and dancing movements (dyskenisia). As a result, you need another round of medicine to reduce medicine (Levadopa) effects of medicine you started […]

  • Snow Birds

    Snow Birds In Flight

    Snow Birds Head North As we enter April and days pass and end of April approaches, our thoughts turn to our Fairfield return and family time. Thinking back to last year, end of April 2015, and comparing that time to when we are today April 2016. What a change! A year ago I was just […]

  • Remission

    Mission: Remission This update takes off from my earlier 11/4/16 walk away from a chance for another attempt at cardiac catheter oblation. Wasn’t convinced oblation procedure was worth risk… a 5% chance of complications, which I interpreted to mean “death.” Not that I’m afraid of death, just not quite yet ready to say hello to […]

  • JV's Parkinson's Log

    JV’s Parkinson’s Log

    JV’s Parkinson’s Log 2/13/13 JV has her 1st MD office visit related to Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Dr Lust referred her to Dr Wey. “You’re showing no outward signs of PD…tremors, shuffling gate. I’m not ready yet to give you PD diagnosis.” 1/14/15 Almost a year after JV’s 1st office visit, Dr Wey diagnoses her with […]

  • Parkinson's Cloud

    About Parkinson’s Disease

    What I’ve Found About This Disease I start this section on PD with summary and conclusion. A wade through details follows, only for detail waders. PD is not a new disease; references date back 3,000 years. Even fact that PD is brought on by dopamine depletion in brain was recognized in 17th century. Why then […]