Snow Birds In Flight

Snow Birds Head North

As we enter April and days pass and end of April approaches, our thoughts turn to our Fairfield return and family time.

Thinking back to last year, end of April 2015, and comparing that time to when we are today April 2016. What a change! A year ago I was just beginning to feel I could exercise, and play tennis again as I had broken free of my leukemia and depression binds.

JV’s PD challenges, while they haven’t gone away by any means, are being met by a mental and physical regimen that allows her to stare at PD and not blink or turn away. As you may recall, I’m one who needed PD conditioning. I’ve grown to accept her PD related movements. 2 years ago I found her constant movement hard to accept. (Doesn’t she realize she’s moving all the time? Why can’t she stop?). Now I accept her slight tremors as part of her. Now lack of movement would seem odd, unlike her. In short I’ve come to not react to this part of her. We both have grown up in PD world. Unfortunately, unlike my case, JV can not and will not experience PD remission as I have leukemia remission, given what we currently know about PD treatment and medications. However, I realize now hope always can find a way to muscle through, hence my enjoyment of the poem and song Gracias a la Vida (Thanks to life). We must always be grateful for what we have. Yes, gracias! Hello leukemia, hello PD, glad you are alive and well because we are alive and well, albeit bruised somewhat. Yes, diseases, do to us what you will, but we will not bow our heads. You can’t take from us what we are.

Leaving WTC

Besides emptying fridge and freezer for our 5 months away from World Tennis Club and Naples, Fl, we take care of medical obligations that derive from seasons in sun. A trip to our dermatologist is part of these obligations.

Paper Gown FashionEver since my taking part in WTC’s Fashion Show, my sense of fashion continues to evolve. In picture JV and I are modeling our new duds. These are well suited for our current hot/humid conditions, open in back to allow balmy breezes up our backsides, so comfortable and form fitting.

Twice a year JV and I have full body inspections for skin cancer at Riverchase Dermatology. My immune system is out of whack, and JV goes along with me in this biannual ritual. We get our appointments back to back, and we go in together. We take off our clothes together (except for underpants), and, virtually naked, we are ministered to by 2 fully clothed women. I find the situation hysterical, I laugh so hard I get a stomach ache. Perhaps you can imagine my comments. I suggest at least one of them take off their clothes to level playing field. Shanna laughs…”Do you know how much trouble we’d get into if we did that?” All 4 of us have a good laugh, and we leave our appointment (JV and I dressed now) in good moods. This was a good appointment, freezing of pre-basils, crusty skin, is all.

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  1. I an 75 year old man with Pd. and have dyslexia very bad, so please keep that in mind. and Help or telling to not dirt up blog will be appreciated and willdo. 5 am 4/30-5/1/16, at 5 am = I feel 5.9 this am Loop sleep = 2 hours 6 minutes sleep last night 1 hours 24 minutes restful sleep 0 hours 41 minutes restless sleep 67 % restful sleep,,,, Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth + Hart meds….
    7:30 am Do mpower Walk 0.4 mile no dystonia
    8:30 am Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth
    9:30 Do mpower Walk 0.4 mile no dystonia
    10:00 am eat breakfast {Oatmeal}
    10:30 go to church Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth
    12:10 pm Eat lunch (Furr’s)
    12:30 pm Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth
    1:55 pm Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth take 2hr. nap (sleep) Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth
    5:30 pm WALK 2.15 MILE IN 49MIN 57 SEC, , at 5 am FOR more walk they are keep on YHOO Fitness app. Just ask me. No Dystonia
    8:39 pm Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth
    10:30 pm, Take 1 Rytary 62.25/245 mg ER pill by mouth Go to bed.